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Ahriana/Ahri: GamerGurl36

There's no voice acting in this, just done in the normal roleplay style of Club Penguin videos. You'll be copying and pasting your lines into the chat, but parts at a time. We'll most likely be using Discord to talk while we do this so you'll understand what's going on live. 
  • In the parenthesis/() is the thoughts the penguin is having. 
  • In the asterisk/* is the actions or how they say it
  • In bold is the description of what's supposed to be happening

    Intro Credits Play

    (song: The Joke is on You by Niki Watkins)

    A Club Penguin Production

    Written by GamerGurl36

    Filmed with OBS and Bandicam

    Edited with Wondershare Filmora
Featuring... (who played as who)


At Hope Springs Orphanage during lunch time

Annabel: *sees Morgan* Hey Morgan, come sit with us!
Morgan: *nods and walks over* Hey guys, what’s up?

Taylor: Nothing, just waiting for that girl.

Annabel: Oh yeah, what’s her name? Uhh-

Morgan: Ahriana?
Annabel: Oh yeah, Ahriana!

Morgan: What about her?

Taylor: Haven’t you heard the stories? She was experimented on as a pookie and was tortured until she ran away.

Annabel: And that caused her to be traumatized for the rest of her life. She never speaks, and just gives off strange glances.

Morgan: Well, why do you think it’s weird?

Taylor: Morgan, mostly every penguin here is at least 14, and she’s the only one who doesn’t talk. She doesn’t even try.

Morgan: So what? She’s not a talker. Afraid to say something that triggers all her pain all over again.

Annabel: Not to mention many penguins have been adopted, but none even try to look at her. Almost as if they’re afraid.

Morgan: They probably know that she shouldn’t have seen what she’s seen. *takes a drink of diet coke*

Ahriana: *walks in* (Why am I even in here? I know what they’re gonna do. They’re gonna exclude me again. Why am I so afraid to talk?) *sigh*
Morgan: Maybe… we should let her sit with us. Maybe we can bring out the talkative side of her.

Annabel: What makes you think she would talk or even come over here?

Morgan: I’ve have an… interesting conversation with her last week. She tries to talk. But…

Annabel: But what?

Morgan: She used sign language and wrote down what she was saying.

Taylor: Maybe she has vocal nodules?

Morgan: Majority of her life? Not likely. Hmm, I wonder if she had it at some point. Maybe after her vocal cords healed, she’s been afraid to speak again still worried.

Annabel: Yeah, that makes sense. Alright, let’s invite her over. *looks in Ahriana’s direction* Hey Ahriana, come sit with us!

Ahriana: *sees and hears Annabel* (Why are they inviting me over? Might as well go over and see.) *walks over and sits down*
Morgan: Hi Ahri.

Ahri: *smiles*

Annabel: Why don’t you speak?

Ahri: *shrugs shoulders*
Taylor: If you’re afraid to talk, it’s fine with us. Maybe, I came up with a thought. Wanna hear it?

Ahri: *nods*
Taylor: Maybe it’s because of vocal nodules at some point. After it healed, you’re still somewhat paranoid about it.

Ahri: *eyes go wide and nods*
Annabel: Ahri, you don’t have to worry. It’s completely healed. Especially since you haven’t made a peep for the past 6 years, and you’re 16.

Taylor: Come on Ahri, you don’t have to be scared.

Ahri: *smiles and sighs* Sorry about all my silence.

The entire room goes quiet and all the penguins stop and look at Ahri

Ahri: Umm, this is… awkward?
Talking starts again

Ahri: Although I’m silent, doesn’t mean that I can’t hear all those rumors that’s been about me for the past six years. *takes a sip of lemonade*

Annabel: Oh, umm…

Taylor: They were just uh… theories about why you were so silent.

Ahri: I mean, everyone just assumes that I was pretty much traumatized from a young age and that’s why I was so silent. Well, I have seen some things I regretted as a child. And I was kidnapped as a pookie.

Morgan: Man, must’ve been tough.
Ahri: It was.

Annabel: Well, we’re glad that you still have the ability to speak. Some people thought that if you spoke, you might say something, a flashback or something might be triggered.
Taylor: We don’t want you to go through that mental pain again.

Ahri:No, no, it’s fine. It feels nice to finally actually use my voice. Gonna be strange for a while.

Annabel: Now hopefully someone might be roommates with ya.

Ahri: I wouldn’t go that far. Everyone still seems to want to… avoid me.

Taylor: Hey, Morgan doesn’t have a roomie.

Morgan: Oh yeah, you can be roomies with me Ahri.

Ahri: Yay! Also, how did you come up with the nickname of Ahri?

Morgan: It just has a better ring to it.

Ahri: Okay I’m convinced. *chuckles*
Annabel: Man, once you talk you get talkative.

Ahri: Well, I HAVE lasted six years without speaking.

Morgan: True that. *eats pasta*
Explosion sound in background and everyone gets startled

Morgan: *gets startled out of seat* What the heck was that?!

Annabel: Not sure.

Taylor: We should go check it out. *turns to Ahri* Ahri?

Morgan: Ahri, are you okay?

Ahri: (Oh crap! W-we gotta get outta here before we’re all fried alive!)

Annabel: Oh no, she froze!

Morgan: Taylor, grab her flippers, we’ll carry her.

Taylor: Alright, got it.

Through the speakers

PENGUINS, LISTEN UP. A lightning bolt struck the orphanage and it’s quickly spreading, a fire is coming. You gotta get out!

Taylor: A fire?! *turns to Ahri and shakes her* AHRI WAKE UP!
Ahri: (why am I frozen? And did I hear… fire?!) OH CRAP! WE GOTTA MOVE, NOW! *runs*

Door is very hot

Ahri: *tries to open door but it’s very hot* OH GOD!

Annabel: Ahri, what’s going on!?


Morgan: QUICK, TO THE OTHER SIDE! *runs*

Three other girls: *follows*

Flames sound plays and panicked screams

Ahri: Oh no, we’re not gonna make it!

Morgan: Ahri! Shut up, I’m trying to think!

Ahri: (and this is another reason why I like to be quiet)

Morgan: *looks around room* Guys, look! *points to a hole burned in the building*
Annabel: Good find Morgan!

Morgan: Thanks, now we gotta hurry!

Another explosion hits, but right in the middle of the room where the majority of penguins were.

Ahri: GO GO GO GO GO! *runs through hole*

Taylor: But we can’t just leave them!

Annabel: Of course we can! Morgan, get out of here. We’ll be out in a sec. I promise.

Morgan: Got it. *hurries out*

Annabel: Taylor, please, work with me here. There’s nothing we can do.

The entire room and building is practically engulfed in flames

Annabel: We have to leave this life behind, just… please.

Taylor: (I can’t just leave my friends behind and let them die. But I know Annabel’s right) Alright, let’s go.

Annabel: You first.

Taylor: Alright.

Right when they were leaving, a bolt of lightning struck right next to them and they get blasted out

Ahri: Taylor! Annabel! *trembling voice* What are we gonna do Morgan?

Morgan: Wait it out. We need to get to the nearest cover we can find, and just wait out the storm.

Ahri: Alright. You handle Taylor, I’ll take care of Annabel.

Morgan: Alright.

A few minutes later, the four penguins sought refuge in a cave in the forest. And watched over Annabel and Taylor throughout the entire rest of the day and the entire night.

Annabel: *mumbles in pain but wakes up*
Ahri: Annabel! Oh thank god! *hugs*

Annabel: What- *cough cough* What happened?

Morgan: You nearly got blown up by lightning.

Annabel: Don’t worry about me so much. But I can see that Taylor hasn’t woken up yet.

Morgan: Yeah, I thought it was too late for you Annabel like the rest. But Ahri kept me from losing faith. Although Ahri had a slight doubt at first.

Ahri: Yeah, I did.

Annabel: Well, I’m not feeling like I’m in lots of pain. Some, sure, but not an overwhelming struck by lightning kind of pain.

Morgan: Well, you can thank that to Ahri. She found some herbs around here.

Annabel: Ahri, seriously?

Ahri: Yeah, I used to be interested into nature and the antidotes it provided. Thankfully it helped me with this whole situation.

Annabel: Thank you Ahri, I wouldn’t be here without you.

Ahri: Don’t move. Your right flipper is still severely injured.

Annabel: How?

Ahri: The lightning bolt was in extremely close contact with the flipper, you have one severe burn mark. If not treated…

Morgan: I assure you, you don’t wanna know.

Ahri: Things like twigs and rocks and dirt made its way into the open wound. We’re gonna need to get it cleaned out.

Annabel: It’s gonna hurt like crap, isn’t it?

Ahri: I wish I knew what to say to be encouraging.

Annabel: Do what you have to do. I won’t stop ya.

Ahri: Morgan, can you get my backpack?

Morgan: What’s in it?

Annabel: Oh, that backpack you wear pretty much 24/7?

Ahri: Yep.

Morgan: *goes over and picks up backpack and brings it over to Ahri* Here. *gives it to Ahri*
Ahri: *smiles* (Now let’s see. Ah ha! Here it is!) *takes out disinfectant/rubbing alcohol, flipper cast, pliers, needle, and stitches*
Annabel: Aww crap.

Ahri: This is gonna sting… a lot. Morgan, hold her down. Keep her from moving.

Morgan: So… pretty much restrain her?

Ahri: You got it.

Morgan: Alright. *whispers* I’m so sorry Annabel, you know I don’t like this just as much as you.

Ahri: You ready?

Morgan: Yeah.

Annabel: *weak voice* No.

Ahri: Just, VERY deep breaths. Got it?

Annabel: Alright.

Ahri: *gets out pliers and pulls out the rubbing alcohol* I’m about to begin.


Morgan: She’s like this when she’s scared.

Ahri: *uses pliers to pull out the tiny pieces of rocks, pebbles, grass, and stuff like that*
Annabel: *cries out in pain*
Morgan: Woah there girl. *holds down*

Ahri: *finishes pulling out stuff from wound and now gets out the antiseptic*
Morgan: Be ready.

Annabel: I’M NOT!

Ahri: *puts antiseptic on a washcloth and puts on top of wound and removes last of dirt*

Morgan: *uses even more strength to hold Annabel down* Not sure how much longer I can keep this up!

Ahri: *finishes cleaning wound and begins to stitch it shut*
Annabel: *passes out from the pain*

Morgan: Ahri, she’s out.

Ahri: *finishes stitches* She just passed out from the pain levels. She’ll wake up soon.

Morgan: Is it done?

Ahri: Yeah, let’s get the flipper cast on.

Morgan: Yeah. *puts flipper cast on Annabel’s right flipper*

Taylor: *mumbles, wakes up and says weakly* What was all that screaming?

Morgan: Ahri doing some medical stuff.

Taylor: *faces head towards Ahri* You did something medical?

Ahri: I was-uhh… self taught.

Morgan: Still, you did a really good job with stitching it and cleaning it out.
Ahri: Thanks. Wasn’t too difficult, besides the blood curdling screams.

Taylor: Speaking of those, I’m pretty sure somepenguin heard it and will be on its way to check it out. We should get out of here.

Annabel: *wakes up* It’s done?

Ahri: Yep.

Annabel: UGH, FINALLY! Now can I just rest? *sees that Taylor’s awake*

Taylor: We should get going. Somepenguin will be coming soon.


Morgan: Taylor’s right, somepenguin might believe someone was mauled or something. We should get going.

Taylor: Besides, you’re pretty patched up. And those burns should heal.

Annabel: Alright.

Taylor: I’ll help her.

Ahri: Alright, but wait. If we find ourselves in the city, wouldn’t we…

Morgan: We’ll adapt. I mean, that is something we’ll be able to do, right?

Ahri: I guess.

Annabel: *hears two male voices in the distance* Girls? WE GOTTA MOVE!

Taylor: *helps Annabel get up* I’ll handle Annabel, you two, get to safety.

Ahri and Morgan: See you later. *runs off*
Taylor: *helps Annabel get on her own two flippers and helps her get to safe cover about half a mile away*

Taylor: We’ll be safe here. Just… try to keep your pain complaints to yourself til’ they’re gone.

Annabel: *whispers* No promises.

Back at the cave

Sam: Hey Andre, you heard those noises, right?

Andre: Heck yeah! Nobody could unhear those screams.

Sam: *sees cave and items and waddles over to it* Hey Andre, over here!

Andre: *walks over* What is it Sam? *sees bag and reads name labeled on it* “This Bag Belongs to Ahriana” *face becomes anxious*

Sam: Andre? What’s wrong? *shakes Andre* Andre, snap out of it!

Andre: Oh, sorry Sam. I just… that name sounds so familiar.

Sam: Aww come on man, we know of a girl named Ariana. Now come on. *starts walking off*

Andre: *sigh and reads once again* “
This Bag Belongs to Ahriana” (Ahriana? That’s not spelled the same way as our friend Ariana. Strange.)


Andre: Coming dude! *quickly grabs items and bag and runs after Andre*

Sam: You brought that? Why? You have a new imaginary crush that could never be?

Andre: C’mon bro, this isn’t fake, and I don’t have a crush. This penguin… sounds so familiar. It’s on the tip of my tongue.

Sam: Aww come on, you’re hallucinating. There’s no way this could be “her”.

Andre: But what if-

Sam: Stop it, just stop. This isn’t funny. Let’s just take it into the police department, and then we’ll be on our way. Pretending this never happened.

Andre: But-

Sam: Shut it. I’m sick of these “mysteries” you think are real Sam! It’s getting really annoying.

Andre: *hears something in bushes* What was that?

Sam: What was what?

Andre: Did you hear the rustling of the leaves?

Sam: Oh my g...-dude! You’re so paranoid! This is the woods! Critters wander all around!

Andre: You’re right. I-I’m going crazy. *walks to the open*

Sam: *follows Andre* (He's going nuts after the loss of his family years ago in a flood)

In the bushes, someone watches

The Lost | Main Characters | TEASER
    GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOD afternoon everyone, GamerGurl36 here! I started working on a script for another Club Penguin roleplay project script. This series is called "The Lost". This is the teaser for the main characters. The one with blonde hair is Ahriana AKA Ahri (sorry if I overuse this name, I just really like it), the one with brown hair is Morgan. The one with red hair is Annabel. The one with the black hair is Taylor. These are the four most main/primary characters of the entire series.

At Hope Springs Orphanage, many penguins lived. Majority of them in their teenage years. One girl, Ahriana was completely silent for 6 years, since she was ten. Only three girls took time to become friends with her; Annabel, Morgan, and Taylor. During one horrible day, the orphanage somehow caught on fire. Everyone but these four girls survived. They must stick together to survive in the world without any parents, money, and will go through many conflicts and enemies. They become... lost. Will they survive? Will they depart from each other? Will they find their way? We'll see...
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United States
I am a girl who LOVES to draw using Paint. I often do recolorations and I also made a few OCs for my friend and I. I hope you'll enjoy the art I'll be doing in the future!


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